Tuesday, September 8, 2009

3 Twisted Tuesday's

Talk about twisted! This wonderful artist, Inoudid's Atic takes old LP albums and turns them into works of art! Here is HER statement -I love the vintage Rock music - so much that I'm recycling album art covers into coasters! Rock will never Die!
I follow this wonderful artist via twitter (http://twitter.com/inoudidsattic) and
boy is she a hard worker!!!
Please check out her shop and see if you
can 'drum' up some old memories! Enjoy! -KM


  1. I love your Twisted Tuesday. A big Thank you for including our shop. I must confess that I'm half of the shop...the better half perhaps:> Seriously, my hubby is a great Twisted partner in this endeavor. We are having a blast creating this coaster sets. We love the reactions folks share with us. The memories they provoke are priceless.
    Thanks again!
    Rock ON!

  2. What a hip and new idea! I like these coasters!


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