Thursday, April 28, 2011

19 Tantrum Thusday

Today I would like to talk about speeders.

 (please play this while you are reading)

The other day I was driving with my Mom-in-law and we were talking about speeding.  We were on Interstate 95 where the speed limit was 65 MPH and I was going almost 70 MPH.  But the amazing thing is that I was the slowest one on that stretch of road!  This of course started a debate between the two of us about what is the correct speed on that stretch of highway.  A speed limit sign came to view and it had 65 MPH with a minimum speed of 40 MPH on the bottom. 

Then as we drove a bit farther we came up to a slower car.  Now this car was probably going about 55 MPH or so, but for the traffic around it, it was REALLY slow.  It was also in the MIDDLE lane.  People were 'swerving' around it and it was causing some MAJOR problems.   Now, I know that I do speed, and I know that I am in the wrong, however, it is really hard to go even the speed limit when the people around you are going 15+ MPH over the speed limit.

When I was growing up my father told me that most people thought their cars were their own 'protection bubble' and for some reason that has stuck with me.  I totally understand that cars are VERY fragile and that although they are SOME protection, they also are the cause of some problems.

I see some of these people weaving in and out of traffic and wonder what that extra 2 seconds will mean to them.  Speeding is just one of the problems we have on the road today.  There are so many times that I am surprised at cars that get within a foot or so of the car in front of them at 75 MPH!  Just a 'bump' in the road can cause an accident at that speed and proximity.

As I see it there are 5 major types of drivers on the interstate - and most everywhere else!
  1. Speeders
  2. Weavers
  3. Tailgaters
  4. Slow Pokes
  5. Straight Lane'rs (those that NEVER change lanes)

What type of driver are you??


I thought I would feature barbjeanpat and this great afghan pattern today.  I just love this speed buggy!  This Mother of 5 and Grandmother of 5 has a great talent.  These graphs can be used for many different mediums and are just wonderful.  Please look at her shop to find more pattern and graphs!


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As you move around today remember that LIFE already moves at lightening speed; do you need to make  your car move that fast too!!  ~KM


  1. I'm the driver who follows the speed limit, give or take, depending on whether I have the choice (ie: the rest if the traffic surrounding me). I'm also smart enough to avoid the fast lanes, and thankfully, I live nowhere NEAR the Autobahn, they be crazy out there!!!

  2. @Jewels
    I can't even THINK of going THAT fast.... I don't think I could do it!! Thanks for the comment! ~KM

  3. Catchy tune--- reminds me of the Wheels on the Bus go round and round, lol! I'm a correct driver... meaning yes, I obey the speed limit and I am always watching my speedometer AND my husbands-- to his chagrin!! And even when I am doing everything right, if I meet a police cruiser or see one in my rear view mirror-- GULP! I still feel panic. thanks for the smile.

  4. Hi New follower! As for myself I have always have a heavy foot...but ofcourse drive for the conditions...We just bought a minivan so Im sure all that is gonna change

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  6. I totally know what you are talking about! I just had a tire explosion on Monday and after finally managing to make it to the side of the highway on the rim basically, I realized that that was only the beginning of my adventure!

    After having the spare put on, I was still a good 10 miles away from my exit, where there was a garage that I could buy a new tire. I had to keep it at about 55, since I was on the spare. WOW! You would have thought I was pedaling my car with everyone, including semis, beeping and flying around me! (I did stay in the right lane). The worst part of it all?? It was a 10 mile construction zone and the speed limit was 50!

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  8. I run about 7 miles over the speed limit on the expressway. Somewhere I heard that you have to be going more than 7 miles over for police to bother with you and it stuck.

  9. @Robyn Burke

    oH, MS Robyn, my husband is a BAD speeder to, although after a round of tickets a few years ago he has slowed down! ~KM

  10. @Jayda

    UUUMMMMMM, mini van! I have a SMALL SUV!! Thanks Ms. Jayda! ~KM

  11. @Michelle

    Just in case you didn't see it, here is my experience a couple of weeks ago...

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    I am a bad speeder myself...but try to go no more than 10 over.


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  17. Straight lane all the way! LOL Following back :)

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